Day 301: Celebrating Our 6-Year Wedding Anniversary

While waiting for my pre-workout drink to kick-in I posted the following on Facebook:

"6 years ago today I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend. 

On that day we took the standard 'through sickness and health' marriage vows. Life could have never predicted what would have happened 10 months ago. Our bond has grown so much going through that experience together and for that I will be forever grateful. 

Happy Anniversary, Laura! Each day our love grows deeper and I fall deeper in love with you.”  

From that night when I looked at her in the ambulance hyper-ventilating and more scared than I had ever seen before to now, I have watched Laura grow more mentally strong than I ever thought possible. 

It is a type of strength that only comes with facing a tragedy like what we have gone through. It happens when you go from just being a spouse to having to become a full-time caregiver instantly. 

Through it all, Laura has been by my side. She slept on a small pull-out bed in the hospital for 12 nights in a row, starting with that first night of my seizures. She was there right before and as soon as they would let her after all three of my surgeries.  

Though she tends to say that she hasn’t done anything and instead points to my strength and determination to heal, she doesn’t recognize how much her caring helped me to heal and continues to help as we go through chemo. 

This would have been an impossible journey to have gone through alone or without someone who had the fortitude that Laura has had. For that I will be forever grateful and will never feel as though I have repaid it enough. 

While Laura slept I went over for a 30 minute cardio session. Usually I put in an hour on Saturdays but after my workout I wanted to walk down the street to the grocery store so that I could buy her flowers for our anniversary. 

She was already awake when I came home but after giving her the flowers, I was able to convince her to go back to sleep for a while. 

Since National Donut Day was yesterday and we didn’t participate, we went out for donuts this morning at a small place down the road that we haven’t checked out before. 

We came home to relax for a bit before we headed up to San Francisco for the afternoon and evening. 

We stopped at a hotel bar to watch American Pharaoh win the first Triple Crown since 1978 which was really cool to see live. We then went to a couple of our favorites spots for appetizers and drinks before heading across the city for dinner. 

After the debacle that happened with the original restaurant, we were very happy with the decision to go to a Spanish tapas restaurant. The food was incredible. Every dish was better than the previous. 

It was a wonderful Saturday spent with my beautiful wife who, without her help and watching over me, I wouldn’t be here to type these updates.