Day 30: Under 60 Hours Before Surgery

Yes, you read that correctly. We are now under 60 hours before my brain surgery. 

Around 10p last night the neurosurgeon called to let us know that they were able to push up my surgery. 

I will now be going in for the brain surgery on Thursday morning, with surgery starting at 7:30a. I have to start pre-op around 5:30-6a and they estimate that it will be a 6 hour surgery. I’m not sure how long I’ll be in recovery before Laura and my mother-in-law are able to come see me.

We are happy to have the surgery pushed up. It means that I will likely be coming home on Monday, the day that I would have been originally going in for surgery.

While I remain positive, I am scared. It is frightening thinking about someone drilling into your skull.

However, I trust my neurosurgeon and his team. They are highly skilled and we’ll be at a world-class hospital.

The change in date compresses a number of appointments that need to take place before the surgery.

Tomorrow at 7a I will be going in for an advanced MRI where they will do additional brain mapping. We are waiting for the pre-op team and anesthesiologist to call.

Following the MRI in the morning I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon since he wants to see me before the surgery. Hopefully the bumpers will come off of the slings then.

Speaking of slings, there really needs to be a bit of innovation in slings especially for those in dual shoulder slings. There are no slots for phones, remotes or anything else that may be of help to the patient. 

They’re designed for single shoulder injuries so there is a baked in assumption that you’ll have use of your other arm. In turn, I have become very skilled at balancing a number of gadgets on a pillow that I’ve been using as my desk.

I’ll be publishing a new article tomorrow about becoming consistent in journaling. I have wanted to become consistent in journaling for the past year or so. This journey has allowed me to do that.

I’m watching Monday Night Football as Laura is cooking dinner then I’ll be heading off to bed since we have to be up early for the MRI. I’m hoping that I get another decent night of sleep like I did last night - awake at 2:30p but able to fall back asleep fairly quickly.