Day 299: Finally No More Co-Pays for Chemo

For the last few nights I have woken up twice per night to use the restroom. Though I’m able to quickly fall back asleep, I’d much prefer to not wake up at all. 

When I got to my office I called our neuro-oncology team because I hadn’t heard from the home delivery pharmacy yet this week even though I’m scheduled to start my 4th round of chemo on Monday. 

Surprisingly, when I talked with the pharmacy, I didn’t have a co-pay (finally!). Previous months the co-pay had been ~$950 so it is nice not to have to pay that for the rest of the year. 

I initially thought that it was from the health insurance claims being processed again but after taking a look, the claims are still being re-processed. 

After expending so much energy on Synergy, flying to Fargo, having an offsite meeting and a few other things, it was nice to have a day with only a couple of meetings. I kept the majority of my day blocked off so that I could focus on making progress on projects and planning. 

I also had to spend time searching for a new restaurant for our anniversary dinner on Saturday night.  

Yesterday when I was checking voicemails from earlier in the week there was one from the restaurant we originally had reservations at. They decided to cancel all of their reservations for Saturday night due to finalizing a wedding buyout. 

It was an unprofessional move on their part but there is nothing we can do about it. 

Once Laura came home from work we headed out to dinner for our date night and to watch the Warriors win Game 1 of the NBA Finals (yay!). 

Tomorrow morning I have to go for my second round of blood work this week. So far my levels have come back within the ranges that the neuro-oncology team wants it to be.  

I’m hoping that keeps up throughout each round of chemo so that there are no delays or potentially more serious issues.