Day 296: Getting Blood Work Done (Again)

It was good to wake up this morning to see that I hit a 3-day streak. Though my longest streak is 21 days, I was happy to have my sleep back on a normal schedule.

On my way into work I stopped to get my first of two blood draws this week. Fortunately it was the same phlebotomist that I usually have so he was able to hit my vein on the first shot. 

I called our neuro-oncology team to let them know that I had gotten the first test done. Once I get the first blood test done they then call in the chemo order with the home delivery pharmacy.  

Unfortunately I missed the call from the pharmacy so will need to give them a call tomorrow to get the delivery scheduled. 

Though today wasn’t filled with several back-to-back meetings, it was busy. I had 2 early meetings, helped to facilitate a training and then had the first of 3 half-day+ meetings with our communications leadership team this week. 

After our meeting, our team went out for a nice dinner. I am fortunate to work alongside people who I consider more than colleagues, they are friends. 

Before heading home I stopped to pick up Laura’s anniversary gift since our 6 year wedding anniversary is this Saturday. 

Thanks to Timehop, I was reminded that this time last year we were in Cabo for our anniversary. It’s fun to relive those moments each day this week when I get the notification. 

While we aren’t in Cabo for our anniversary this year, we will be there in 3.5 weeks and are counting down the days until we hop on the plane. 

As our anniversary approaches this weekend, it would be an understatement to say that life has changed so much for us since this time last year.  

No one could have ever expected everything that we have gone through but we continue to make it through each hurdle that we face.