Day 295: A Whole Lot of Steps

Though today was scheduled as a rest day, I went to the gym for a 60 minute endurance workout on the elliptical along with a warm-up of jumping rope for 3 minutes.

I have a work dinner tomorrow night so I won’t be able to workout. Since I don’t know what the WOD will be, I decided to do the endurance workout today. 

Before starting my workout I continued to stretch out my shoulders following yesterday’s session. I also used my roller afterwards to help break up some of the junk in my upper back. 

We only had a couple of errands to run today so we were able to finish them quickly and get back home so that we could go for a walk. 

With an additional 3.6 mile walk with Laura, that has pushed me to 22,000+ steps and well on my way to approximately 25,000 steps by the end of the day.  

That will be, if not my best, then one of my best days since getting the UP24 band 1.5 years ago.  

Unfortunately the UP app doesn’t track your best day ever (that I know of) but it’s rare that I do a 60 minute cardio session + a walk in the same day. 

Tomorrow on my way into my office I have to stop for one of two blood tests this coming week before starting my fourth round of chemo one week from Monday. 

We were originally scheduled to start the next round this coming Wednesday. However, we worked with our neuro-oncology team to adjust this round to get back on a “normal” schedule of Monday through Friday so that it didn’t run through a weekend. 

We’ll also be adjusting the July round of chemo by a couple of days so that I won’t be going through it while we’re on vacation in Cabo, which we desperately wanted to avoid. 

It’s really nice that there can be some flexibility in the schedule so that we’re able to live our lives and not be completely shackled for the year by the chemo treatments. 

Tonight Laura cooked a boneless prime rib with an herb butter compound, sweet mashed potatoes with herbs and Greek yogurt and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. We enjoyed that delicious meal along with a bottle of bubbly just because.