Day 291: Forgetting an Anti-Seizure Medication

This morning got started at an extra early 3:45a so that I could make it to Fargo for Misfit Con by mid-afternoon.

I was able to sleep on the plane for a couple of hours before diving into my inbox for the rest of the flight. However, I waited until I got to MSP to connect so that my outbox queue would send because they wanted $37 for in-flight wifi. That’s just absurd to me. 

While in flight I realized that I didn’t pack my anti-seizure medications properly last night in my rush to get to bed.  

I packed the appropriate doses of Depakote (1 pill - AM, 2 pills - PM) but only brought 3 doses of Vimpat even though I take it twice per day thus needing a total of 5 doses.

When we arrived at MSP I tried calling my neurologist to see how she wanted me to handle the situation but when I couldn’t get in touch with her, I sent her an email that I’m still awaiting her reply to. 

After talking with Laura about it, we decided that it would be best for me to take both doses today and await to see what she suggests for tomorrow through Friday AM. 

If we don’t hear anything different than my plan will be to take the final dose tomorrow night so that it doesn’t put me more than 24 hours without the meds. 

It shouldn’t be a big deal because when Depakote was added to the mix, our neurologist said that I could taper off of the Vimpat if I wanted but we decided to stay on it since it didn’t hurt at all. 

It annoys me, though, because I have never missed a single dose of my medications. I knew it was bound to happen eventually but I try my best to ensure that when I travel I pack my meds plus a few extras just in case something happens. 

Once I arrived in Fargo I started running into fellow misfits who had already arrived. Every person asked me how I was feeling and greeted me with a strong hug (after asking if it was ok). 

Though I have had similar experiences at other conferences, today was different. It was an overwhelming outpouring of joy that I felt from everyone who were happy that I am even here. 

After hanging out with everyone for a little while we had an incredible opening night party, thanks to the mastery of the Misfit team. It surpassed every conference party that I have ever been to. 

It would be hard to fully put into words the opening party because it wouldn’t do the details of it justice. 

When the party wrapped up a small group of us went out for a late night dinner before calling it a night. 

Now that I have been up for ~21 hours, it’s time for me to crash before getting the conference kicked off tomorrow morning. 

For everyone that I saw today, thank you. I have a lot of people ask me how we are doing but I appreciated each and every person who I had to hug and look forward to more tomorrow.