Day 288: Laying Out in the Sun

It took me a while to fall asleep last night but once I did I was able to sleep for 7.5 hours.

Today was a much needed rest day from working out. Instead, I just read for a couple of hours while waiting for Laura to wake up.

We only had a couple of errands to run today so we decided to spend some time by the pool including 20 minutes or so in the hot tub. 

It was a beautiful, cloudless day and it was really nice to lay out for a little while for the first time since moving here. 

As with St. Lucia, I had to put additional sun screen on my shoulder scars to prevent any damage. 

When we go to Mexico in a few weeks I will be using SPF 70 on my scars since the sun will be so strong and we’ll be in the sun all day. 

When we came back upstairs the sun had drained us more than we thought so instead of going to Los Gatos or out for a walk we ended up just binge-watching episodes of Entourage. 

Tomorrow we plan on going to the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay to enjoy the holiday afternoon. It is one of the most breathtaking properties set right on the Pacific Ocean.  

It’s nice to order a bottle of bubbles there and hang out staring off into the ocean. If it’s chilly outside, it’s fun to order their s’mores kit. 

We may stay in Half Moon Bay for dinner at a fantastic Peruvian restaurant down the street from the Ritz. 

While it would be nice to be at a Memorial Day cookout, we’ll enjoy hanging out and enjoying the day off.