Day 286: Heading into Memorial Day Weekend

It was an early start for Laura but luckily I was able to sleep in though Sasha woke me up by 6:30, meaning that I only slept in for an extra 30 minutes. It was still nice to wake up without an alarm.

After a busy week, it was great to only have 3 meetings this morning before starting the long weekend.  

It gave me a chance to catch up on more admin work, email and other related stuff so that I can head into next week feeling organized and ready to take on the week. 

Instead of today being a rest day, I tackled yesterday’s WOD which is the same workout that I had accomplished several weeks ago: 


20 Body Ups 

Main Set: 

  • 75 burpees
  • 30 squat tosses with sandbag
  • 5-30 pistol squats each leg
  • 5-30 pull-ups  

Since I couldn’t do all 75 burpees back-to-back, I did 20 burpees before moving on to the squat tosses. I then decided to pair a burpee with every squat toss. This sounded, in theory, easier than consecutive burpees but, in reality, it made it harder. 

Though I was able to accomplish 5 pistol squats on my left leg, I was only able to get through 2.5 pistol squats on my right leg…and that was even with using a band. 

I finished 12 wide-grip pull-ups with a band for assistance which was more than I anticipated getting through since I was sprinkling in 5-10 burpees per round and my shoulders were exhausted. 

By the end of my workout I was able to finish all 75 burpees. Even though I didn’t finish all 75 in a row, they were easier than the last time I did this WOD. 

After finishing my workout, I focused on mobilizations for my hamstrings, upper glutes and lower back, which were painful but felt good after a hard lower body-focused workout. 

When I came home there was a surprise from my grandmother waiting: her homemade chocolate, peanut butter and graham cracker bars

Also in the mail was another bill from a recent doctor’s appointment. The co-pay was for a few hundred dollars and was enough to raise my internal red flag. 

I started to research all of our 2015 medical and prescription claims. I noticed that we have easily exceeded our maximums, especially since each MRI cost just shy of $10,000 and the chemo costs around $2,000 per month. 

Though insurance companies are usually not fun to deal with, today I happened to get a great rep who identified the issue immediately and resubmitted all of our 2015 claims so that it could be processed again 

Apparently the “accumulator” wasn’t working properly thus meaning that the insurance company wasn’t properly calculating how much was claimed against our limits hence why we kept being billed for co-pays. 

Similar to advice I originally received, it goes to show that you need to stay on top of your own medical bills. If we hadn’t we would continue just paying the bills as they came in. 

While I was waiting on hold with our insurance company, I at least was having a fun Twitter conversation with two friends of ours about my grandmother’s peanut butter bars. 

I jumped into a new book tonight, “Obstacle Course Racing: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion and Change Your Life” after finishing the previous book last week. Since I’m preparing for my first  Spartan Race in July, it seemed appropriate for my next fitness book. 

When Laura came home we decided to head out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to get the Memorial Day weekend started with a couple of margaritas. 

After dinner we came home to continue watching “Entourage” from the first season before the movie comes out. I’m sure it’ll be what we binge-watch this weekend while relaxing.