Day 285: Using Only My Phone

I was so tired last night that as soon as I laid down I passed out. I slept like a rock the entire night, which is unusual for me.

I bounced right out of bed and had to get out the door quickly this morning to bring one of our cars in for servicing. 

I usually never need to charge my laptop because of how good the battery life is so I don’t carry my charger unless it’s going to be for an all-day meeting or travel. 

So, naturally, when I sat down to get work done while waiting for the car I realized that my laptop battery was at 7% and I didn’t have my charger. That meant for the next 1.5 hours I had to process email from my phone. 

I only mention this because it brought me back to when I could only use my phone while in the hospital and when I first got back home. 

For the first few weeks I could only use my phone, balanced on my sling and I typed every update, email or text with my right thumb.  

When the phone would slip it would sometimes take me 20 minutes to maneuver it back to the right spot on my sling or I’d have to ask my wife or mother-in-law to come help me. 

It’s funny how something as small as having to work from my phone brings back memories from the initial few weeks of my injuries. 

My work day consisted of attending a 4 hour virtual training session about our new procurement software. I know, sounds tantalizing.  

I closed out my day meeting with a member of our APAC team before hitting the road to head home. 

Though I planned on going to the gym tonight, I had the fun of searching for parking for nearly an hour thus eliminating the open time I had to workout. 

I was looking forward to getting in a workout tonight but taking 2 days off will be good for my legs to fully heal from earlier this week. 

Tomorrow I only have 2 meetings so it will be a good way to catch up and head into Memorial Day weekend.