Day 284: Looking Forward to Fargo

Last night was one of those great nights where I woke up at midnight to use the restroom and thought that it was already time to wake up. Why is that so great? Because it makes the other 6 hours feel as if they were extra.

I ended up having back-to-back meetings from the time I walked into the office until 2:30p. I then had two colleagues separately stop by my office leading right up until 4p when I had to leave to beat traffic home. 

That means that, though I still need time to get caught up, I’m still working through getting everything done. This is typical every year but it is always hard to get back to “normal” after Synergy. 

I’ll likely need to take time over the next couple of nights and possibly this weekend to get over the hump. 

Instead of going out tomorrow night, Laura and I decided to escape for a bit to hang out before becoming home to relax. 

Since we planned on going out, I took the day off of working out. My legs were still very sore from the past couple of days. I am planning on swapping today’s workout for tomorrow’s rest day. 

One week from now I will be flying to Fargo, ND to spend a few days with an amazing group of friends for Misft Con, a small handcrafted event put together by my friends AJ and Melissa Leon

Several people I haven’t seen since my injuries. There is a small group of them that we spent the weekend with a couple of months ago when we were in Santa Ynez valley for another small event that another friend, David Baeza, had put together. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. There have been so many people from this small family that has continued to support us during this journey. It will be great to reconnect with them, share a drink and catch up. 

Tomorrow’s workout has a pull-ups included in the workout. It will be the first time in a couple of weeks that I’ve tried pull-ups so am looking forward to seeing how the strength in my shoulders is progressing.