Day 279: Home Sweet Home

My morning got off to a very early start since I had to get to the airport. Though I was exhausted, it didn’t matter what time I had to get up, I was excited to head home.

It was a successful and exhausting week with great friends and team members but I was really happy to get back to Laura, Sasha, Darren and some sense of normalcy. 

I was able to sleep for around 1.5 hours on the flight to Denver but that ended up knotting my neck up since I fell asleep with neck craned down to my chest. 

The flights were uneventful. A little chop here and there. I read a book and watched a movie. Nothing else too exciting…which is always a good thing. 

When I walked in the door Sasha tackled me at full speed and with her high-pitched “OMG, I’m so glad you’re home” whine. It’s super adorable and always makes me smile when I get back from a trip. 

I was nearly delirious from how tired I was but I took my pre-workout drink and headed over to the gym for the first time since last Saturday. 

Today’s workout was focused on sprinting: 


  • Jump Rope – 2 minutes
  • 10 – Glute Kickbacks
  • 10 – Wide Push-ups
  • 10 – Double Leg Butt Kicks

Main set 

  • 100m sprint. 2 min rest. Repeat 3x.
  • Then, run 2x400m around the track in the grass. Walk 3-5 minutes between reps.

Cool down 


I didn’t calculate the math properly between meters to miles on the treadmill so I ended up doing 200m sprints instead of 100m sprints. I realized it in the middle of the second sprint and decided to just use it to push myself harder. 

My body performed well during the workout - far better than I expected after not having worked out all week. 

It made me feel better to have gotten a workout in. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout already, not only because I love fitness but because it starts to get me back onto a normal schedule, which this week always completely destroys. 

After my workout I took time to roll out my legs and back, spending extra time with a mobility ball on the center portion of my back which was causing me pain from earlier in the week. 

When Laura came home we went out for a date night at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  

We had originally wanted to go last weekend but then realized that I was on chemo and therefore couldn’t enjoy margaritas. So, we decided that when I came back home today that we could go out. 

It was made extra fun because the Warriors-Grizzlies game was on. The restaurant was packed with Warriors fans who rooted them on all game long. There was even an “MVP” chant that started after Steph Curry rattled off a few three-pointers back-to-back. 

As I type this I am curled up under the covers in bed. There is nothing like being back in your own bed after traveling. 

I am looking forward to getting quality sleep for the first time all week followed by an awesome weekend of relaxation.