Day 278: The Last and Final Day of Synergy

It was another night of not getting to sleep until 1:30a but it was well worth it to get time to hang out with my team.

I was able to sleep in little bit longer this morning, not getting up until 6:50a to start the last and final day at Synergy.

The start of the day was busy since I had two SynergyTV interviews, checked in on the Social Media Hub team and then had to bolt back over to the hotel for an all-day meeting.

All-day meetings can be hard but when you’re on a team that you genuinely love then it makes it fun to hang out with everyone while also getting a lot of work done.

We finished the day with a private happy hour for our team and then made our way over to Universal Studio for the night.

It was so much fun getting to run around the park since it was closed for us. There were barely, if any, lines to get onto rides. We also had DJs, park characters, food and so much more.

After a long and successful week, I’m looking forward to getting home tomorrow. Before Laura gets home I’m planning on going to the gym after a week of not getting to workout.

Since we were at Universal Studio I was able to rack up over 17,000 steps which made me really happy.

Tomorrow will be an early morning so that I can get to the airport. I plan on trying to sleep on my flight to Denver in the quest to catch up on some rest and get back into the swing of things.

For my friends, colleagues, family and everyone else who is reading this update, I want to say thank you for continuing to support us.

I hear from so many people at events, including this week, that they read every day still after 278 straight days of publishing every day. 

It is one of the major reasons why I do it and I appreciate the ongoing support.