Day 275: The First Day of Synergy

I wasn’t able to take my chemo pills until around 1:30a and then had trouble falling asleep for at least another 30 minutes.

I set my alarm for 8:30a so that I’d get as close to 7 hours as possible. I knew that meant having to hit the ground running hard once I woke up but also needed to get sleep since my body would still be dealing with the chemo today. 

As expected, as soon as I woke up I had several emails, texts and IMs that had to be dealt with immediately since many other team members had already been up, on calls and running around. 

I didn’t have a chance to workout today because I ran around from 9:30a until we finally settled in for dinner around 8:30p. And, as hard as it is to believe, tomorrow will be even longer. 

One thing I love about Synergy is getting to hang out with people that I typically only see a few times per year. 

Every single person that I ran into who hasn’t seen me lately asked me how I was feeling, how chemo was going and told me that they were thinking about me. 

That is what makes Citrix so special. Though it is a massive company, it feels small when you work with so many amazing people who care deeply about each other. 

Tomorrow will be an early morning that will lead in to a long night. Today was long but my body wasn’t too beaten up by jet lag since I went to bed and woke up at roughly the same times. However, tomorrow I will need to wake up around 2:30-3:00a PST which will be hard. 

I’m not expecting to get in a workout tomorrow either but will definitely get my steps in and will likely try to bang out at least a few push-ups and sit-ups in my room.