Day 274: A Long Day of Flying

When I woke up, instead of going to the gym, I snuck out to get Laura flowers and a card before traveling for the week.

Usually I would have a protein shake with almond milk, a banana and natural peanut butter, but today I just had a banana with natural peanut butter. 

A lack of hunger is the saddest part of chemo for me since I enjoy eating…often.

I had to spend a bit of time getting ready before heading to the airport for a long travel day. 

Though I wasn’t hungry, I did force myself to eat once I got to the airport. 

As I have analyzed everything with my body during chemo, I have realized that when I’m not hungry, it’s hard to force myself to eat clean and healthy food.  

For example, a salad sounded terrible but a burrito was doable. I did order it to be the healthiest possible but it still was not a salad.  

I figure this is okay since over the past two days my body has likely not gotten enough calories each day. 

As soon as the plane took off for Houston I fell asleep. I didn’t think my body was tired or fatigued but I ended sleeping until right before landing. 

I didn’t have much time between flights but knew that if I didn’t then I wouldn’t get another chance to eat by the time I arrived at my hotel so I grabbed another unhealthy meal to inhale on the plane. 

I wasn’t hungry at all but, like with lunch, forced myself to eat. 

Unlike my flight to Houston, I stayed awake until landing in Orlando since I wanted to be able to sleep tonight. 

After several delays throughout the day, I was finally able to get checked in to my room and take my anti-nausea and anti-seizure meds.  

Now I have to wait another 20 minutes or so, even though it’s passing the 1:00a mark on the East coast before I can take my final night of chemo meds.