Day 273: The Day Without An Appetite

It was another night of waking up twice overnight. It is probably because I have to drink a full glass of water right before bed while taking my chemo pills. 

I didn’t feel nauseous or fatigued when I woke up which was great so I took my pre-workout drink and got ready to head to the gym. 

While waiting for my pre-workout to kick in I sat down to tackle several emails and approve a few Synergy-related projects/tasks. 

When I got over to the gym, I completed the following warm-up before focusing on an hour of endurance cardio on the treadmill. 


  • Jump Rope – 2 minutes
  • 10 – Glute Kickbacks
  • 10 – Jumping Lunges
  • 10 – Star Jumps

Once I got back home I took my protein shake even though I wasn’t hungry at all. That in of itself isn’t outside of the normal except that my lack of hunger lasted for the entire day. 

I had an appointment at AT&T due to my new phone being faulty so we headed over there before going out for lunch. 

When we got to lunch I only split an appetizer with Laura. I wasn’t even hungry when we got to the restaurant but wanted to spend time with Laura before traveling tomorrow. 

We had a couple of more stops to make before coming back home to watch the Warriors game, which, unfortunately, they lost. 

Laura and I split a small plate of leftovers since she was insistent that I have something to eat even though I still wasn’t hungry. 

Notice a theme of today? Yeah, completely unlike me to not be hungry throughout the day. 

I packed my suitcase for tomorrow, relaxed for a bit and am now waiting to take my chemo pills. 

Though my body has been handling the chemo regimen pretty well, with the exception of slight fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite, I am unsure how my body will handle flying tomorrow and the stress of this coming week. 

I’m confident that everything will be fine but still has been something that I have been thinking about.