Day 269: A Blur of a Tuesday

It always seems to be the 22nd day. Right after writing about how I had hit the second 21-day sleep streak, I only slept for 6.5 hours last night including waking up twice during the night.

From start to end, today was a complete blur. Non-stop meetings, small fires and last-minute planning for Synergy, our customer event. 

I was stuck at work for a while longer than usual. By the time I got home I had a terrible headache and my body was still sore from the last couple of days so I decided to take tonight off from working out. 

I took a couple of hours to just relax before jumping back into work before starting to write my update for tonight. 

Laura was extremely tired so she went to bed early thus giving me the time to work without feeling bad for taking time away from us spending time together. 

Usually I’m able to leave work at my office when I leave for the day and only tackle a couple of emails here or there at night. However, in the lead up to Synergy, there is no other way to keep up with everything than to put in extra time at night. 

I saw that more lab results came back today from my blood work yesterday. I have an email in to the nursing team to ensure that I’m green-lighted to start my next round of chemo tomorrow night. 

Another thing we’re checking on is whether we can shift the next rounds by 1-2 days until we get back onto either a Sunday-Thursday or Monday-Friday schedule.  

This whole Wednesday-Sunday schedule makes it feel like it is 2 weeks long since it is broken up between both weeks instead of just being confined to a single week.