Day 267: A Fun Sunday Before a Busy Week Begins

It’s nice to wake up on Sunday mornings with no alarm and nothing to do until Laura wakes up since they are a rest day for me.

I spent a bit of time catching up on news including industry, sports, friends and the like before starting my weekly review earlier than usual. 

I also watched the new MobilityWOD DailyRX video which, with perfect timing, was focused on cleaning up the forearms, wrists and elbows.  

While I didn’t spend any time going through the mobilizations, which I will do tomorrow, it was good to have a refresher on them since my right wrist is still a bit sore.  

Also, I think that the internal rotation in my right shoulder is being restricted by tightness in my right tricep/elbow. 

Once Laura woke up we banged out our errands quicker than usual since there were so few of them this week. 

The afternoon brought the chance to watch the Warriors win Game 1 against the Grizzlies in decisive action with a 15 point victory. 

After watching the Warriors-Grizzlies game we headed out for drinks and then dinner with friends of ours.  

On the way home from dinner we realized that it was the first time since moving to San Jose that we have gone out with anyone else.  

A fun weekend has come to a close with this upcoming week promising to be incredibly busy before I fly next Sunday to Orlando for our customer conference. 

This week starts off with me getting more blood work tomorrow morning before starting chemo again on Wednesday night. 

Since the schedule got adjusted due to the shipping issues last month, this round will be finishing up on Sunday night, after I have already flown to Orlando. 

While I haven’t felt major side effects thus far outside of the fatigue and light nausea, I will need to see how my body handles flying cross-country and then jumping into overdrive nearly immediately next Monday.