Day 266: A Beautiful Saturday Spent Outside

Darren thought it would be fun to run at full speed across us, starting around 6:00a and going until I finally got up just after 7:00a. Of course, every time Darren sprinted across us, Sasha would start whining.

Once taking care of them, it was over to the gym for an endurance workout.  

The WOD stipulated 180 minutes of endurance training between a bike or swim and a jog, run or hike. However, I only had time for 60 minutes before Laura would likely be up so I tackled the following: 

Warm Up 

Main Set  

  • 1 hour elliptical for distance

Though I didn’t have any issues with my shoulders today, my right wrist has been pretty sore throughout the day. 

I’m guessing that I landed on it a little hard during burpees or something like that. It’s nothing that a day of rest tomorrow shouldn’t clear up.

It was a beautiful day out so we decided to head over to a shopping center that we love to hang out at.

We had breakfast at a cute cafe before walking around, doing a bit of shopping and getting a piece of Laura’s jewelry fixed.

We stopped at an outdoor Mexican restaurant for tacos and margaritas. I’ve had jalapeno margaritas before but nothing like the one I had today. It was incredible.

My next round of chemo arrived yesterday so when we got back home I stopped by the leasing office to pick it up. 

As long as the blood work on Monday comes back good then we are scheduled to start the next round on Wednesday night.

We decided to watch the first Avengers movie over again after seeing the new one on Thursday night. 

As a Christmas gift Laura had bought me handmade Moscow mule copper mugs but we never had a chance to use them. That changed tonight. It was fun making a drink like that at home for the first time.

While we’ve been watching TV, I have been keeping up with the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight via Twitter and ESPN since we weren’t going to order it or try finding some place to watch it.

Tomorrow is a light day of running errands for us and then we’re meeting up with another couple for dinner which will be fun.