Day 264: Soreness in My Ankles Again

While walking Sasha this morning I felt the same soreness in my ankles that I felt a few weeks ago.

I will need to take some dedicated time working through ankle mobilizations tomorrow to ensure that the soreness goes away quickly.

I spent the majority of today in the training course again before heading straight into a meeting. 

I suppose it sounds fancy if I say that the meeting was with our trademark attorney. But, really, it was that she was in town from our Bedford, MA office so it was a good chance to say hi.

Though I wasn’t able to work from it, it was nice seeing my standing desk set up in my office. 

I’ll be working from home tomorrow so will get a chance to use the one I have at home but it’s good knowing that from now on I’ll be able to use a standing desk consistently again.

Even though today was a rest day, I still managed approximately 25 flights of stairs which both made my legs tired but also broke up the soreness in them. It’s weird how exercise can accomplish both at the same time.

We went to see the new Avengers movie tonight which was awesome! If you’re a Marvel fan then this is a must-see film.

As it was for Furious 7, the movie theater was mobbed with people. People were in lines for showings up to 1.5 hours early and there were very few seats, if any, available in our showing.

This week has gone by fast since Monday was spent at UCSF and the past two days were spent in a training but it still has been a long week.

With our large event only a week and a few days away, we are completely buried in work, going through last minute check lists, trying to keep up with the pace of meetings and the rest of the craziness.

It will be good to have a chance to take a deep breath when tomorrow comes to a close and enjoy a bit of downtime that includes finishing the booking of our Summer vacation.