Day 262: Shorting Out the Treadmill

When I woke up this morning I immediately thought of the couple that we had meant yesterday. 

My alarm is set for 6:00a which meant that when I woke up they would already be checking in for the brain surgery. 

It was right after check in, when they were starting to prep me that Laura walked away crying. I would later find out that it was because she had a panic attack so severe that one of her contacts popped out. 

As usual, I had a very busy day with several back-to-back meetings while trying to slip in any amount of work during the down periods.  

Fortunately, I was able to move a couple of my afternoon meetings giving me a block of time to actually hunker down and get through a few things. 

After forgetting to ping our Facilities team for the last couple of months, I finally remembered to ask them about getting a Varidesk (aff link) for my office.  

I was happy to hear that they will order one for me so now I will have standing desks at both home and work. 

My workout today was the same WOD as a week or so ago: 

Jump Rope – 3 minutes
10 Isometric Wipers
10 Double Leg Butt Kicks 

Main set:
10-second hill (sprint)
10-second rest

20-second hill (very high intensity)
20-second rest
x 4 

30-second hill (high intensity)
10-second rest
x 2 

Walk for 5 minutes to recover and repeat each interval length for half the reps (5, 2, 1).

10 minutes - elliptical   

On the final 30-second hill I managed to short out the treadmill. It threw an error, “Elev Stalled,” on the screen before the belt stopped and it couldn’t be restarted. 

I came back home, peeled my compression gear off and then pulled out my TriggerPoint GRID (aff link) to roll out my calves because of how sore they were from my workout. 

As we get ready for bed, I’m ending today thinking about that couple too. I am confident that they made it through the surgery well but I know what they’ve gone through today and the long road still ahead of them.