Day 260: A Sunday Spent Binge-Watching TV

When I woke up at 7:05a this morning I immediately became worried that something happened since Sasha hadn’t woken me up. Fortunately all was well.

It was a relief that today was a rest day because my legs and upper back were really sore after my workouts the last couple of days. 

It seems that the current workout schedule has been 3 on (Mon-Wed), 1 off (Thurs), 2 on (Fri-Sat), 1 off (Sun). I’ll be interested to see if that changes next month since last month was 6 days on with one day of rest. 

Due to a couple of reasons, today was one of the most relaxing and laziest days we’ve had in a really long time.  

Last Sunday we came back home immediately following our errands since Laura wasn’t feeling well. Today, however, we didn’t even make it out for errands. 

We spent the entire day binge-watching a show that we’ve been enjoying. Though I enjoy watching TV, it’s not often that I spend an entire day hanging out on the couch. 

Tonight Laura took the night off of cooking so I made sweet potato, black bean and kale quesadillas

Tomorrow morning we’ll be heading up to UCSF for the next round of tests and our neuro-oncologist appointment. 

While I’m used to the MRIs now, there is always a brief moment when I hold my breath before heading the update from our neuro-oncologist. 

Though I trust the medications and treatment plan, there is always a bit of fear that something has gone astray since the last MRI. 

As long as tomorrow’s and next Monday’s blood work comes back within the acceptable ranges then we’ll be starting the third round of chemo one week from Wednesday.