Day 259: Realizing How Fortunate We Have Been

Even though I slept for about my normal 7.5 hours of sleep, it was one of those nights where I felt as though I slept harder than other nights.

When I woke up I went over to the gym to tackle today’s WOD:  

Warm up: 
10 minute easy bike ride. 

Main set: 
30-minute on the elliptical during which, every 10 minutes perform 10 reps of arm curls, shoulder presses, and squats. Add 5 reps each time so that the last set is 20 reps for each exercise. 


The workout was a combination of a trail run and using a large rock or sandbag to complete the lifts. But, since I don’t have any trails nearby I modified the workout at the gym.

I was sweating profusely by the end of the first round and by the end of the workout I was trying to find any dry corner of my t-shirt to wipe my face. 

While waiting for Laura to wake up I spent time reading and trying to recover. 

Once Laura woke up we ran out for bagels and coffee before heading over to the mall to walk around for a bit. 

Laura had a hair appointment this afternoon so I spent the early afternoon hanging out. I did some more reading, played video games, vacuumed and relaxed. 

We went out for Mexican and to watch the Warriors move on to the next round of the playoffs. 

While at dinner we were talking about how truly fortunate we are that everything has gone the way it has. 

There are people that we have heard of from that haven’t been as lucky who have dealt with brain tumors, fractured joints or cancer and haven’t recovered in quite the same way. 

Though I wouldn’t ever want to experience the pain and recovery that we have gone through over the last several months, it could have been much, much worse. 

The stories that we have heard included people finding out about their brain tumors due to extreme changes in personality, not returning to normal following brain surgery, never regaining full range of motion in their joints, violent reactions to chemo and a lot more. 

I am glad that we haven’t had to deal with any of those situations thus far throughout this journey. 

We’re closing out the night watching “The Judge” before putting a relaxing Saturday to bed.