Day 258: A Mile and 30 Burpees for Time

Though it was only an additional 45 minutes, it was nice getting to sleep in since I worked from home today. 

It was another day of non-stop meetings, bringing my total for this week to 30 meetings.  

It was actually a fairly normal week for the number of meetings that I had but with our conference coming up, meetings popped up leaving limited time to get other work done. 

By the end of my last meeting I hit a productivity wall so I gave myself a bit of time to recover by going for a workout. 

Today’s workout was fairly simple but extremely hard: 


Main-set: For Time

  • Run 1 mile
  • 30 burpees
  • Recover 1 minute

The main set took me approximately 11:15 minutes to complete. This is probably off by +/- 15 seconds because of issues I had with the timer on my phone. 

I was able to complete the mile run in 8:30 minutes, including completing a portion of the run at around 7:30 minutes/mile. 

Though the main workout was only 11 minutes long, I was completely wrecked by the end of it since I never sprint for time like that. 

When I came back home I finished off a few more things for work and then jumped into another book that I started this week, “And the Good News Is…” by Dana Perino, a former White House press secretary. 

I enjoy books that take a look into the inner workings of the other areas or industries. 

I enjoy taking learnings from outside of my primary industries (tech/marketing/social media) and applying them to what my career. 

Tonight we ordered pizza, picked up beer and settled in to catch up on a few of our favorite shows.