Day 257: 5 Hours of Back-to-Back Meetings

It was nice hitting a 10-day streak, including another 4 hours of deep sleep.

Today was an insane day with back-to-back meetings for 5 hours with only a single 15 minute break which I used to sprint downstairs, grab lunch and save for a meeting that I could eat it during. 

After the rigor of my workouts this week, my legs and lower back were really sore. Sitting through that many hours of meetings made it a bit hard to stand up when I finally got a break. 

One of the things that I need to order for work is a standing desk similar to what I have in my home office. 

Having a rest day from working out gave me additional time to spend using my TriggerPoint foam roller (aff link). 

Though I didn’t workout I will still close out the day with 10-12 flights of stairs. I didn’t get in as many flights as usual due to the number of meetings I had today but I’m still happy with staying active. 

It was awesome to read everyone’s comments throughout the day as people read yesterday’s update. While the journey is far from over, it is yet another hurdle accomplished. 

Now it’s on to Monday for my next MRI, blood test and appointment with our neuro-oncologist.  

When I first started undergoing MRIs immediately following my seizures I was petrified of them.  

The thought of sitting in that enclosed area with loud banging for 30-45 minutes was not a fun idea. Nowadays they are a breeze to go through even though I still get nervous every time.