Day 255: Insanely Hard Hill Intervals

For a few weeks, no matter how much I slept, I still only got between 2.5-3 hours of deep sleep. However, the past several nights I have gotten 4 hours or more. I’m not sure what has changed but I’m not complaining.

Today was another non-stop day of meetings. No matter how many years I’ve been through it, every year I seem to forget just how crazy Synergy gets in the weeks leading up to the event, especially with last-minute requests. 

Usually when I read the WOD I’m excited for the workout. But, today, I knew it was going to be painful as soon as I read it. 

Prior to starting my workout I spent additional time working on my shoulder mobility ahead of tomorrow’s orthopedic surgeon appointment.  

My MobilityWOD Pro membership comes in very handy for this since they publish daily videos with new movements to help improve mobility beyond “standard” exercises. 


Jump Rope – 3 minutes
10 Alternating Plyo Push-up w/Medicine Ball
10 Body Ups
10 Star Jumps

Main set: 
10-second hill climb (sprint)
10-second rest

20-second hill climb (very high intensity)
20-second rest
x 4 

30-second hill climb (high intensity)
10-second rest
x 2 

Walk for 5 minutes to recover and repeat each interval length for half the reps (5, 2, 1). 

10 minute recovery walk 


I could barely walk back home when I finished my workout and then had to spend at least 30 minutes trying to slow my breathing.

I spent the night doing some reading, both articles and a book, as usual, before having dinner and watching TV.

Though I’m not looking forward to driving a total of 3 hours for an hour long appointment tomorrow, I am hoping to hear more good news from our orthopedic surgeon.

Each appointment has shown great progress in how my shoulders have continued to heal including accepting the donor bone that was used to rebuild my shoulders.

And, bonus, at least tomorrow I don’t have to get stuck with any needles. That will come on Monday when I head to UCSF.