Day 252: A Lot of Cardio and Getting a New Phone

I was able to hit a 5-day streak today with another 7.5 hours of sleep logged last night.

After taking care of Sasha and Darren I went over to tackle today’s workout which called for 120 minutes of running/walking after completing the following dynamic warm-up: 


Knowing that we would be going for a walk when Laura woke up, I set my sights on completing 60 minutes on the elliptical. 

Though I have accomplished 90 minutes in total for cardio before, splitting it between the bike and elliptical, I had never completed 60 minutes on a single machine before. 

We have certainly been on walks that have been a few hours long plenty of times but cardio workouts on machines are long and arduous. 

While working out I started listening to “Unbroken” (aff. link) which is such an incredible story. Listening to it on 3x speed means that during an hour of cardio, you can get through a number of chapters. 

Shortly after coming home, Laura woke up and we went for a walk to Starbucks and then came back home, with a stop at the grocery store to pick up breakfast. 

It was a nice way to add an additional 1.2 miles to my overall total for the day. 

I was excited to go pick up the Samsung S6 Edge today. I have spent the last week playing with Laura’s. I wasn’t due for an upgrade until September but due to a few changes we made with our account it made me eligible now. 

We bummed around the mall for a while, doing a bit of shopping and just enjoying hanging out. 

While hanging out this afternoon I played with my phone, playing with the settings, downloading apps and getting it fully functional. 

Tonight for dinner we had the Indian food that we had delivered and watched “The Imitation Game” which was a fantastic movie. 

It was interesting starting to listen to “Unbroken” on the same day that we watched “The Imitation Game”. 

As today comes to a close I should break the 20,000 steps mark with Sasha’s final walk of the evening.