Day 251: Alternating Between Running and Burpees

Fridays are nice because I don’t set an alarm. I do wake up with Laura’s alarm but it is set for 45 minutes later than mine is. That doesn’t always make Sasha happy but she deals with it.

It was nice working from home today, getting to hang out with Sasha and Darren. Though I really enjoy going into my office since I work with amazing friends and colleagues, it is nice to take Sasha for a walk mid-morning too. 

Today included 2.5 hours of back-to-back meetings and a few other meetings. Fortunately I was in a groove today and able to crush through a bunch of work. 

Towards the end of the day I headed over to the gym. When I walked in it was sweltering hot.  

I thought it was just that the sun was baking the gym but I came to find out that the heat had been turned on and set to 81 degrees. 

While I’m not sure why someone would do that, I didn’t turn it down since I figure that the Spartan Race will be sweltering hot since it will be in the middle of July. 

However, someone else couldn’t take it so she turned on the central air units to cool the gym off. 

Today’s workout was basic but hard. It was alternating between running for 10 minutes followed by 10-30 burpees. 

Before starting my workout I stretched my shoulders and continued to work on my rotation. 

My next appointment with our orthopedic surgeon is on Wednesday. When I last saw him a few months ago he wanted me to focus on my external and internal rotation which I have been working hard on. 

After finishing 75 burpees on Wednesday, I could only do 10 burpees for each round and complete a total of 3 rounds. 

The running, burpees and very hot gym combined to leave me dripping in sweat by the end with my skin burning. 

Tonight we ordered from both Munchery and Waiters on Wheels, choosing to have them deliver from our favorite Indian restaurant. 

We decided to have Munchery tonight and put the Indian food in the fridge for tomorrow night when we plan on watching The Imitation Game. 

We have just been relaxing, enjoying a couple glasses of bubbles and looking forward to the weekend ahead which includes me getting a new phone tomorrow morning - yay!