Day 250: A Change in My Chemo Schedule

After only getting 5.5 hours of sleep on Sunday night, it was good to hit a 3-day streak again last night with another 7 hours logged.  

Not getting enough sleep happens from time to time but it is something that I try to limit especially these days. 

Today was one of those days where I had several meetings with 30 minute breaks in between them. Not quite enough to get settled back into focused work but just enough time to rattle off a task here or there. 

Even though it was a rest day from working out, I still managed to climb 18 flights of stairs with another 2 flights left before I crash for the night. 

Since we were planning a meeting at work in June, I called our neuro-oncology team at UCSF to inquire into the dates for the next chemo rounds. 

Because of the problems we had with the shipment of this last round, all rounds moving forward will now start on Wednesday night and end on Sunday night. 

This is unfortunate since it was nice having it be Sunday night through Friday night, allowing me the weekend to recover and not miss an entire weekend. But, those are the breaks and we’ll deal with it. 

The only way that the schedule could change now is if my blood levels come back too low then we will need to delay that round until my blood levels return to a normal level. 

Speaking of looking at calendars, something else that chemo is impacting is the scheduling of our next vacation.

With so much revolving around chemo from the actual round of chemo to the monthly blood tests and bi-monthly MRIs, it makes it harder to find a week that will work for us. 

Tonight we went out on a date night to our favorite Mexican restaurant to relax. 

I’m looking forward to working from home tomorrow, hanging out with Sasha and Darren, then heading in to the weekend.