Day 248: More Fatigue, Sprints and Burpees

Getting a full night of sleep last night helped to give me more energy this morning when I woke up.

There were no lingering side effects from the chemo, no fatigue like I felt last time on the sixth day. 

My meeting schedule resumed in full force today after several days of being slower while I was going through chemo. 

As we get closer to our big customer conference in a few weeks, my calendar becomes dominated with planning meetings on top of my other regular meetings. 

Towards the mid-afternoon I started feeling tired. I’m not sure if it was because it was a busy day or fatigue from the chemo. 

When I came home from work I went next door to our gym for today’s Spartan workout. I didn’t have time to run through the entire workout so I completed the following: 

Warm Up

Main Set

Alternating Sprinting and Burpees each set, work for 30s, then Rest 30s. Repeat for 15 minutes.

A single line for a main set doesn’t seem like it would be hard. Even a few rounds into it I didn’t think that it was hard. However, by the last 1/3 of the workout I was dripping in sweat and didn’t think I would be able to finish it.

The part of the workout that I had to cut was a 60 minute jog after the alternating sprints and burpees. Though I didn’t have time to complete it, it would have been hard to do it.

I’m hoping that tomorrow everything will be completely back to normal with no more fatigue. 

There’s not much time off since the next couple of weeks will be dominated with appointments. 

Next Wednesday I have a follow-up with our orthopedic surgeon. A week from this coming Monday I have an MRI, follow up with our neuro-oncologist and blood work scheduled. And two weeks from Monday I have another blood draw scheduled before starting my third round of chemo.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to reach out and support us as we go through this next phase. The support means more to us than we can ever express.