Day 247: Going Into My Office While Fatigued

During these first two rounds of chemo I have needed at least 8 hours of sleep per night to feel ok in the morning. Last night I only got 5.5 hours before my alarm went off to get ready for work.

In my infinite wisdom I decided that the day I would push myself to go into the office would be the morning after being out late and not getting sufficient sleep.  

Of course, I didn’t realize this until I was in the shower, already waking up and committed to the idea. 

I felt pretty decent with the exception of some mild nausea that wouldn’t subside while I was getting ready. Just in case it was needed I brought my anti-nausea pills in my gear bag. Luckily, I didn’t need to use them. 

My day was not scheduled heavy since I knew that I’d still be recovering from the chemo.  

Couple that with having two meetings moved or canceled and my Monday quickly became a day that moved slowly but at a pace that I was able to keep up with. 

By around 3:00p I was very fatigued both, I think, from being generally tired and the side effects from the chemo. I tied up the last few things that I was working on and headed out around 3:45p. 

It took me much longer than planned to get home since police had shut down an intersection of 3 of the busiest highways in Silicon Valley due to a person threatening to commit suicide. 

As I was driving I could tell that my reaction time was slower from what it usually is so I was happy when I finally arrived home.

I thought about laying down to take a nap but decided instead that going to the gym would give me extra energy. 

Today’s workout seemed hard but simple enough so I decided to double the reps of the main set. Due to what is available at my gym I also decided to do the alternating ploy push-up instead of the drop pushes. 

I ended up performing the following: 


Main Set

20 minutes - Elliptical 


  • 20 push-ups
  • 30 air squats w/10 lb medicine ball
  • 30 crunches w/10 lb medicine ball

Then elliptical session for 20 more minutes.  

It was completely exhausting but exactly what I wanted though when I came back upstairs I crashed on my couch for at least 30-45 minutes without being able to really move. 

Tonight we have just been relaxing while catching up on a couple of TV shows. 

I’m hoping that tomorrow I don’t feel completely wiped out like I did on the sixth day of the first round. Typically Sunday would be my sixth day so I could rest if needed but due to all of the delays, tomorrow will be that day.