Day 246: A Minor Chemo Scare, Dog Issues and Ariana Grande

After publishing my update last night we had a minor scare with the chemo pills.

Since I have to wash my hands before and after handling the pills, I take the pills right next to our kitchen sink. 

Well, I wasn’t paying attention to where my hands were and when I popped them out of their blister pack, one fell right into the garbage disposal.

I tried getting it but my fingers were too big to grasp it so Laura had to hurry to get a medical glove on and reach in there to save it.

When we pulled it out it had started to melt a bit but was still in good enough condition that I quickly rinsed it off and took it. Phew. Crisis averted.

When I don’t wake up until 8:30a it is both awesome and terrible at the same time. It’s great because I never sleep in that late so it is refreshing. It is not fun because it means that Sasha didn’t wake me up and thus had an accident in the house, which she rarely does.

Unfortunately, cleaning up after her would be both one of the first and last things that I would do today. 

Something is bothering her tummy which, in turn, has equaled me cleaning the carpet more than once today. As Laura said, another reason why hardwood floors will be great when we own a house.

I was surprised to see that today was a rest day since usually they are scheduled for Thursdays. But, I didn’t complain after the last two days of workouts left me pretty exhausted.

While Laura slept I walked over to our local grocery store to surprise her with flowers when she woke up. I then proceeded to continue cleaning up after the pup and did a bit of reading while waiting for her to wake up.

We only had a few errands to run so we banged those out before coming back home to rest before heading out to dinner and to see Ariana Grande in concert.

Though the chemo hasn’t affected me too badly, it still fatigues me so to counteract the fatigue I try to schedule rest time throughout the day so that I don’t put myself out of commission.

We went out to a small Italian restaurant in San Jose that I had been to previously for a work dinner.

After an enjoyable and quiet dinner we headed over to the concert. Unlike most other concerts, this one started right on time and included two opening acts before Ariana Grande took the stage.

It was fun hearing her tear through her hits plus the other songs on her albums, both of which Laura and I really enjoy.

As soon as the concert ended I took my anti-nausea pill so that I could take my last dose of chemo not too long after getting home.

In the past we’ve always had hour plus drives when we leave a concert or sporting event since we had lived in Marin County. Tonight we were home 20 minutes after the concert ended and that was including walking to our car.

Now that it is past midnight, I am going to take my chemo dose and head to bed. 

As long as nothing drastically changes overnight, I’m planning on going into my office tomorrow. Even if I have to rest mid-afternoon or leave early, it is something that I want to push myself to do.