Day 245: A Saturday Spent Relaxing

I didn’t bother with trying to fall back asleep this morning especially since Sasha and Darren let me sleep in until around 6:50a before finally getting me out of bed.

My workout today was to focus on building aerobic capacity with a 30 minute run, which I converted to elliptical work.  

Before starting I knocked out shoulder stretches which have been steadily improving and 15 burpees to get my heart rate turned over. 

I am happy with where I am with my shoulders even though my internal rotation is still lacking.  

We have a follow up appointment with our orthopedic surgeon in 1.5 weeks. I know that I have improved over the few months since last seeing him but I’ll be interested to get his impressions and see what the x-rays show. 

Once Laura woke up we headed out for our customary bagels and coffee (for her) Saturday morning routine.  

After finishing our breakfast we went to AT&T so that we could upgrade Laura’s phone to the brand new Samsung S6 Edge. 

It is a beautiful and very well designed phone. I have been playing with it all day, helping her set it up plus it’s the newest gadget in the house so I’m like a kid with it. 

We went out for lunch and frozen yogurt in Los Gatos before coming home to relax for the late afternoon and evening. 

By the time we got back home I was starting to feel exhausted so it was a good time to crawl up on the couch for the day. 

I haven’t felt any nausea today though my stomach hasn’t felt great throughout the day.  

Tomorrow I’m going to try pacing myself during the day since we have dinner reservations followed by a concert tomorrow night. 

In about an hour I will take my fourth dose of chemo for this round leaving us with one final night before we can put this round behind us. 

All in all, as with last time, I don’t have anything to complain about compared to what others experience. Some extra sleep, light nausea and a bit of fatigue isn’t too bad.