Day 244: Getting Through Suffer-Fest

I was able to sleep throughout the night and was able to fall back asleep for a bit after taking care of Sasha and Darren. I didn’t feel any nausea when I got out of bed which was nice.

Though I didn’t have any meetings today, I did have several projects that I needed to move forward today including going through a list of 4,500 blog tags.  

Well, not 4,500 but pretty close to it. It’s all part of our blog upgrade project and, as you can guess, the majority of these tags were created before my team started managing it.  

Around mid-day I started feeling tired again like I did yesterday. Though, instead of taking a nap, I went to the gym to knock out today’s Spartan WOD, which was rightly called “Suffer-fest.” 

Before starting “Suffer-fest” I re-tried the 10-minute squat test using a Monster band, acting as a distraction, alternating between each of my ankles. 

It had been a while since trying the squat test. Whenever I would try it previously I would always roll up onto the balls of my feet when getting into the bottom of the squat position. Today was the first time that I didn’t do that so that was a win. 

After stretching out my shoulders it was on to the appropriately named “Suffer-fest”: 

  • 2 minutes of burpees
  • 800-meter run above lactic threshold* (modified: elliptical)
  • Recover 1-2 minutes 

  • 2 minutes of jumping rope (or rowing)
  • 800-meter run above lactic threshold* (modified: elliptical)
  • Recover 1-2 minutes.

  • * very hard intensity – close to maximal 

It was the first time that my skin has been on fire and my legs wobbly while trying to walk back to the bench to gather my stuff. I’d say that it was definitely a workout that I suffered through. 

I tied up some more work before easing off the gas pedal for the day, closing out the day by finally finishing “Born to Run” (aff link) which I had been reading on and off for a while. 

Tonight we ordered dinner from Munchery, which is always delicious, and watched the first couple episodes of “Daredevil” on Netflix. I have a feeling that we will finish it this weekend because of how much we liked it. 

I have taken my anti-nausea pill for tonight and will be taking my third dose of chemo for this round in a little bit.