Day 243: The Day the Fatigue Sets In

Though I turned off my normal alarm, I still woke up at the same time since Sasha started whining and pawing at me to go outside.

I took her downstairs, fed both of them and then crawled back into bed to fall back asleep for a while. I woke back up for the day around an hour later. 

When I sat up I felt a bit of light nausea, similar to how I felt last month. Other than that I was able to wake up and get started with my day. 

I decided to work from home in case I wasn’t feeling well later in the day. It is what I did last round even though I felt pretty good the entire week. However, my dose was increased by approximately 25% to bring it up to the regular dose going forward. 

I had several meetings back-to-back this morning which I was able to power through without any issues. 

After finishing my meetings I was feeling hungry. While I realize that is a common feeling, I was curious whether I’d feel hungry throughout the day since last time I went from an average of 5 meals per day down to 3. 

I suddenly started to feel of a wave of sleepiness set in. It was similar to how I felt the week following my brain surgery when I would fall asleep just sitting up. 

I was sitting on the couch working my way through my inbox when I couldn’t stop yawning. 

I laid down in my bedroom to see if I could fall asleep. As someone who is not a napper, even though I have read the compelling research on it, I passed out nearly immediately. I ended up sleeping for 40 minutes before waking up.  

That was different from the last round when, though I had to sleep in, I was never tired enough to take a nap during the day. 

I continued to feel exhausted during the late afternoon and early evening. 

I’ll be interested to see if this keeps up throughout the rest of the week. 

Today was a rest day for working out but I’m looking forward to getting in a workout tomorrow. I’m hoping that will help with the fatigue.