Day 241: Another Day, Another Frustration

Though Darren was much calmer last night, it was a rough night with me waking up twice overnight before finally getting up at 6:00a when my alarm when off.

Today was an odd at work since I only had a couple of meetings scheduled. I was originally supposed to be in a 2-day training today and tomorrow but I canceled yesterday once my chemo start date was adjusted. 

With expecting to be in the training for the next 2 days I had scheduled everything around it so then to arrive at work with a lot of open time was different for me. 

Beyond getting through a lot of work, it also allowed me to focus on not sitting for long periods of time.  

When I’m not in back-to-back meetings I prefer to use the Pomodoro Technique to keep me focused and productive. Using an app called Focus Booster, I go heads down for 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break.  

I use that 5 minute break to take a lap around our floor and then spend a minute or so stretching.  

Though it wouldn’t seem like a lot, these laps add up to a couple thousand additional steps per day when I’m able to do it throughout an entire day. 

I also have my UP24 band set to vibrate if I sit for longer than 45 minutes thus prompting me to get up and take a walk around as well. 

Mid-morning I received a call from the pharmacy saying that FedEx had tried delivering the chemo to our leasing office but there was no one there to sign for it.  

Figuring that it was because they were conducting a tour, FedEx said that they would re-attempt delivery later in the day. 

When I got home I walked over to the leasing office to find out that, for some unknown reason, they were closed today meaning that my chemo meds didn’t get delivered…again! 

You know that feeling when you go 0-100 in a split second? Yeah, that’s how I instantly felt. 

Our leasing office is open 7 days per week so there is no excuse for them not to have been open. And since I don’t want FedEx to drop-ship such expensive medication, I require signature on the delivery of my chemo drugs. 

So, that means that now I will have to start chemo tomorrow night and it will last through Sunday night instead of going from Monday-Friday as originally planned. 

I will have to call my neuro-oncologist tomorrow to let them know so that the schedule can be adjusted properly. 

It is so incredibly frustrating that due to incompetence and not some fault of my own that my chemo has been delayed by 2 days. 

There is so much waiting and nervous build up with starting each round that the delays have made the days feel so long. 

After dealing with everything I went over to the gym to take out my frustration. Today’s Spartan WOD was: 

Warm up:

10 minute jog 

Main set:

  • Run 5-10 minutes on a progressively steeper grade. Every minute, increase the grade to challenge your pace.
  • Walk 3 minutes to recover.
  • Repeat hill interval 2 more times for a total of 3 sets, totaling 15-30 minutes of climbing time. 


There was an option to run hills instead of using a treadmill but due to rain in the area I didn’t want to head outside. 

It was my first time using a treadmill in several weeks after having the pain in my ankles and shins. 

Due to that I decided to do 5 minute runs going from flat to a 5% grade, though I am confident that I could bump up both the time and grade in subsequent workouts. 

While working out I was able to watch most of the first half of the NCAA Women’s National Championship game. Both Laura and I graduated from UConn so it is always fun for us to watch them play. 

When I came back home we decided to walk next door for dinner since I was still so frustrated from everything that had happened with yesterday and the leasing office today.  

Going out on a Tuesday night is not typical for us but I needed to just enjoy a draft beer, hang out with Laura and watch UConn go on to win their third straight title.