Day 239: Spending Easter Relaxing

When we first moved to San Jose we tried sleeping with the windows open for the first couple of nights but the road noise was so loud that it kept us up. 

We reverted to using the central air when we go to bed at night to keep our bedroom cool. 

Last night we decided to try sleeping with our bedroom window open again. There was significant road noise when we fell asleep however when I woke up briefly overnight there was complete silence. 

It turned out to be one of the best nights of sleep that I have had in a while, getting almost 5 hours of deep sleep. 

Today’s Spartan WOD was to focus on yoga. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with yoga, I used the post-workout stretch video that they provided and mixed in MobilityWOD mobilizations. 

It was nice to spend a workout just focused on breathing and stretching after the amount of pounding my muscles take throughout my other workouts. 

I try to spend 10 minutes per day on mobilization work outside of my workouts but that doesn’t happen every day so it was nice to have it programmed in. 

We tried running errands but both Target and Vitamin Shoppe were closed for Easter. We had assumed that they would be open for part of the morning, possibly closing early. 

It was nice seeing a large company such as Target close to celebrate the holiday thus allowing their employees to spend time with their families. 

We were able to tackle a couple of other errands before returning home to relax for the afternoon. 

For some reason both Laura and I were completely exhausted this afternoon so we just spent the day laying on the couch watching TV. 

On Easter we typically have a large breakfast/brunch followed by a rack of lamb for dinner and homemade dessert. 

After a week of indulgences, though, we decided that this year we would have a more subdued holiday that did not include a big breakfast. We still enjoyed a wonderful dinner but it wasn’t a rack of lamb like we usually would do. 

I am scheduled to start the second round of chemo tomorrow night. There has been a bit of a hiccup with the home delivery pharmacy so I may have to wait until Tuesday night based on whether they can ship the medication same-day tomorrow.