Day 238: Performing Shoulder Presses for the First Time

Though I usually sleep in until 7:30a or so on the weekends, Sasha decided that 6:45a was when I would get up this morning to walk her.

Today’s Spartan WOD called for a trail run and using a log or sandbag but since there are no trails nearby and I don’t have a log or sandbag I modified it with the following: 

Warm Up:

10 minute easy elliptical  

Main Set:

  • 10 minutes - Elliptical (rolling hills) 
  • 10 reps - bicep curls 
  • 10 reps - shoulder presses 
  • 10 reps - air squats (12 lb medicine ball) 

This circuit was repeated a total of 3 times with the reps increasing by 5 reps each time so that the last set was 20 reps for each exercise. 

If my memory serves me correctly, I haven’t performed shoulder presses since my seizures. While they were hard it made me feel accomplished completing all 3 rounds, even though it was with 10 lb dumbbells. 

During my workout a woman who was also working out asked me to turn the heat up to 78 degrees in the gym. 

I’m someone who likes it to be as cold as possible, especially when I’m working out. But, as I thought about it, the Spartan Race in July will likely be pretty hot out so I dug in and cranked out my workout. 

Throughout the day the scar on my right shoulder continued to ache when it stretched. It has been going on for the past few days and has happened several times before.  

It’s just one of those weird post-surgery side effects that I have to deal with from time to time. 

When Laura woke up we headed out for our normal Saturday routine of bagels (or pastries) and coffee. It’s a really nice way to start our Saturday, just taking time to talk and enjoy the weather. 

Once we got back home we just hung out at home having a lazy day for a few hours before heading over to a local restaurant to watch the Duke vs MSU game. We had planned on staying through the Kentucky vs Wisconsin game as well but, instead, decided to head home to watch a movie. 

We ended up watching “Interstellar” which was a mind-blowing movie. It wasn’t one that I was planning on watching but it was phenomenal.