Day 237: Another Blood Test and A New Workout

This morning started with my second blood test this week. Today’s test was to check my blood counts again and also to test for liver function.

Before all of this started I had veins that protruded through my arms that would bounce when you pressed on them. 

Now, due to all of the IVs and blood work since August, they can only use the smallest gauge needles and have to search for a vein which they don’t always hit.

Fortunately today was a day when the technician hit the vein on the first try and I had “good blood flow,” as she told me, so it didn’t take too long to fill the 3 vials that they needed.

I had to call the pharmacy to make sure that they were processing the chemo order since I still hadn’t heard back from them since yesterday. 

Luckily they ship overnight so as long as they get the chemo shipped by tomorrow then I will receive it on Monday to start the next round on Monday night.

The office was an absolute ghost town today. There were maybe 6-8 of us on my floor when there are usually 35-50 people running around. I don’t usually go in on Fridays since so many team members work from home. 

I had a meeting at 1:00p to review new blog design concepts from the agency we hired to re-imagine our corporate blog. After my meeting I headed home early to beat rush hour traffic.

With only one other meeting besides that one it gave me a good chance to power through my inboxes, feeds, projects and other stuff.

After evading me since Sunday I went to the gym to workout. Instead of doing today’s Spartan WOD, I did the one from Wednesday since I hadn’t done that one before:


Main set: 
Perform 1 minute of each exercise followed by 10 seconds rest:

  • push-ups
  • crunches
  • pull-ups
  • box jumps
  • plank
  • lunges
  • squats
  • burpees

Then, run for 10 minutes



I was really happy with how my workout went with the exception of the pull-ups which I was only able to complete 3 of using a Monster band for assistance. It probably didn’t help that I hadn’t stretched my shoulders since Sunday.

After a long week we decided that tonight would be a pizza, beer and movie night at home which was exactly what we both needed.