Day 236: Monday's Blood Test Results

It always makes me grit my teeth when I wake up to realize that I was a few minutes under my goal of 7 hours of sleep. I know that the extra 3-5 minutes wouldn’t drastically affect me but still, I’m competitive and I enjoy hitting my goals.

I spoke with one of the neuro-oncology nurses this morning regarding my blood work on Monday. 

They are satisfied with where my white blood count currently is at but want to see what the results from tomorrow’s blood work are to make a firm decision on the dosing level for next week. 

For the first round of chemo I was at 340mg of Temodar with a goal of getting up to 440mg in subsequent rounds.  

As of today I should be able to move up to the 440mg dosing for next week, and that is what will be delivered to us within the next couple of days however, we will get a call from the neuro-oncology team on Monday to confirm the dosing level. 

Today went from being a day with several back-to-back meetings to having my afternoon clear after a few meetings got shuffled around. 

I was perfectly happy with that since it gave me a chance to start tackling the admin work that has been piling up this week. 

We had a farewell party for a colleague and friend at work who’s last day is tomorrow. It was a nice way to end the day before heading home. 

With Furious 7 opening tonight I was twitchy to see it so we headed out tonight instead of waiting until Saturday like we usually do. 

It was unreal. There were 5 theaters showing the movie with separate lines for each showing where people were starting to line up at least an hour before it started. 

As a fan of the entire franchise it was a phenomenal movie and they paid a fitting tribute to Paul Walker. 

When we got out of the movie they had a massive set up including a banner to sign in memory of Paul Walker, a red carpet area, several high-end race cars, a live DJ and more.  

I have been to every movie in the franchise during opening weekend and have never seen anything like it before. 

Though I usually work from home on Fridays, I have to head in to the office tomorrow for a creative meeting that can’t be done online. 

After that I will be shooting right home so that I can get in my first workout since Sunday.  

I’m itching to get back at it but it was probably good that my body got a few extra days of rest.