Day 235: Fewer Meetings, More Prep and a Team Dinner

Even with waking up twice last night I still slept for 7.5 hours. Though my UP24 app says that I got 3.5 hours of deep sleep which is standard for me, it felt like I slept a lot deeper. 

Whereas yesterday was a whirlwind day of meetings, today there were only a few meetings but I needed time to prep and try to get somewhat caught up.  

I’m guessing that I won’t get a chance to fully catch up until Friday as things start returning to my normal routine. 

After the work day concluded we headed out for a team dinner. It’s always nice to escape the office to just hang out for a bit. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to workout again today, making it 3 days in a row this week. I was hoping to get in at least one day during the first half of the week but it just hasn’t paned out that way. 

One thing that made me really happy, though, was looking at today’s Spartan WOD and seeing that they have changed up at least one of the workouts for April. 

Though tomorrow would normally be a rest day I am intending on coming home to workout. If there isn’t a new workout posted for tomorrow then I am just going to use the one for today. 

Another day of not working out means another day of not completing the daily physical therapy for my shoulders. 

I knew coming into this week that it was going to be busy for several different reasons so I keep reminding myself that this week will pass and I’ll get back on track with eating healthy, working out and my physical therapy. 

And even though it has been a busy week that has thrown me a bit off of my routine, it has been wonderful having my entire team in town.  

I have tried soaking up every minute we have had together since it so rarely happens. 

The last time we were all together in the office was the week before my seizures so it has made it bittersweet to spend time with them, especially since they woke up on Monday, August 11th to find out that I wasn’t returning to work anytime soon.