Day 234: A Whirlwind Day of Meetings

I fell asleep so quickly last night that I didn’t even have a chance to set my UP24 band.

While it has been a great week so far, today already feels like it should be Friday - 9 meetings in a single day can do that to a person. 

Work is always busy but gets increasingly busier this time of the year as we get closer to Citrix Synergy  our customer conference.  

With back-to-back meetings all day I barely had any time to get project work done. I snuck in time here and there to jump into my inbox or work on slides for a couple of meetings tomorrow. 

The end of the day brought with it a wall of traffic since I wasn’t able to leave at the time I normally do. It took me an extra 20 minutes or so to get back home which is never fun. 

Tonight we ordered from Munchery so that we wouldn’t have to worry about cooking dinner. Though we haven’t tried any of the other meal delivery services, Munchery is awesome. 

Unfortunately, since it took me so long to get home tonight, I wasn’t able to workout again. I kind of expected that this week would be hard to get workouts in but I had been hopeful. 

I could feel the tightness in my left shoulder after not stretching it for the past couple of days. 

I didn’t hear back from the neuro-oncology team today about yesterday’s blood test results. If I don’t hear from them by mid-day tomorrow then I will need to give them a call to ensure that there is enough time for the chemo to be shipped. 

Tomorrow will be a slower day with fewer meetings including a baby shower for a member of my team, Rhonda Hughes, and then a team dinner tomorrow night.