Day 232: Communications Hill and Zoodles

We ended last night watching a movie in bed before crashing for the night. It helped me to get 7.5 hours of sleep, waking up feeling rested even though Sasha and Darren, as usual, woke me up abruptly.

Today’s Spartan workout was a fairly straightforward workout to recover from yesterday and ahead of what is typically a hard workout on Mondays: 


Jump Rope – 3 minutes 

15 Star Jumps 

15 Double Leg Butt Kicks 

Main Set 

- 30 minute Easy Run/Jog.

Cool down 


As I have been doing lately, I switched up the run/jog to the elliptical. During my workout I realized that I wasn’t feeling any ankle pain so it seems that the 3 days off helped. 

When I came back home I spent a bit finishing “Every Day I Fight” before Laura woke up. 

With only a few errands to run today we got right out and knocked them out. It actually felt a bit weird because usually we have a couple hours worth of errands but today we were able to get back quickly. 

It was a beautiful day outside so, as we usually try to on Sundays, we headed out for a walk. Though we walked Communications Hill again, we took a slightly different path home which added another mile to the walk. 

The past two days I have walked 40,000+ steps which is, by far, the most steps that I have ever walked in a weekend…at least for as long as I have been measuring it with my UP24 band. 

It was nice to relax for a while after we got back from our walk watching March Madness before diving into my weekly review. 

Laura made one of my favorite dishes (yes, I have a lot of them): pesto zoodles with chicken and scalded tomatoes

With my team coming into town tomorrow and a number of other things going on, beyond just going through my weekly review I also had to do some additional work.

Even though my schedule will be a bit crazier than normal this week, I am really looking forward to having my team around. It’s great to have the flexibility to work from anywhere but it is nice to have the team around a conference table as well.