Day 230: The Final Day of #SMMW15

After consecutively hitting my sleep goal of 7 hours per night for the last few weeks, last night I barely kept up the current record I have going. I ended up getting 7 hours exactly. Not a minute later. Not a minute earlier.

I woke up a bit later than I planned so I had to run around like a maniac to get ready, packed up, checked out and get to the morning keynote thus having to rely on a protein bar for breakfast. 

Today was another day of people whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting before stopping me as I was walking around to tell me how inspired they are by my story. 

Someone shared with me that last year during Content Marketing World  an amazing event run by my friend Joe Pulizzi  when Scott Stratten (another friend) mentioned what I was going through, the majority of the attendees shook their heads because they were aware of the story. 

It continues to floor me when I hear people tell me stories such as that. 

And it is also funny to me because something that I have maintained all along is that I am not typing this journal every day to help drive metrics, whether they be visitors, subscribers, followers, etc.  

The metrics don’t matter to me. Period. 

It is these stories that prove the reach and power of my story, even though that has never been the intended consequence.  

If you looked at the metrics for this site they are abysmal. But, the lives that this story impacts is far beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. That’s what matters the most to me. 

Throughout the day I had to break away from sessions to deal with work-related matters but otherwise I tried to support as many friends as possible. 

I spent the entire flight back home reading more of “Every Day I Fight” by the late Stuart Scott. 

Though he went through way more than I have had to go through to-date, I constantly find myself shaking my head in agreement with stories he shares and his perspective on everything. 

Not only have I felt many of the feelings that he felt but I also have the same determination that he had when it came to fighting through the chemo, continuing to workout, staying active and living a full life. 

Once I got back home Laura and I headed out to hang out for a bit. It is a tradition that started many years ago when I would travel to the Philippines and is something that has carried through my jobs since. 

After taking the last 3 days off to allow my ankles to heal up, I’m looking forward to getting back to my Spartan WODs tomorrow.