Day 229: Getting #SMMW15 Underway

I never sleep well when I’m staying in a hotel. I tend to toss around throughout the night, often rolling back and forth across the bed. So, even though I got 7.5 hours of sleep, I only actually got 2.5 hours of deep sleep.

Today was the first full day of Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) with an early breakfast followed by the morning keynote. 

While I ran into several friends who I didn’t see yesterday, I also had many people who I don’t know come up to me throughout the day to thank me for continuing to write about this journey.  

One person told me that once they found the site they had spent nearly 1/2 of a day reading back through the old posts. That floored me. 

It was really nice to escape the event for lunch with Mitch Joel who is a great friend and someone who has supported us through every step. 

I had intended on attending several sessions but had a couple urgent meetings crop up.  

I was surprised to see how packed the room was for the panel that I spoke on. There are so many tracks that it pitted our session against several top speakers who I was sure everyone would go listen to (and they probably did). 

A small group of us went out for dinner - one that was filled with lots of laughter, stories, harassment, great food and even better drinks. 

The topic of me turning this story into a book came up again. It is something that I would like to do, either later this year or next year. 

We also talked about the idea of launching a podcast which is something that I have thought about for a few months.  

I have an idea of what I would like to do with the podcast but I need to make the time to launch it and then hold to a regular schedule. 

One area that I hadn’t considered was creating more video content. Two of my friends mentioned how much they have enjoyed seeing the pull-up videos that I have been publishing. It’s something interesting that I’ll think more about. 

We ended the night watching the March Madness games that were on which was a fun way to tie a bow on a great day.