Day 228: A Trip to San Diego

It’s been nice consistently getting over 7 hours of sleep lately. I continue to prioritize my sleep especially now that I have started chemo. 

I headed into my office for a few hours to have several meetings before leaving for the airport to take the short hop down to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World. 

The flight was uneventful and I ended up chatting with a conference attendee who leads social for another large tech company in Silicon Valley. It was much better than just putting my head down into my laptop. 

Once I got to my hotel I took care of a project for work before heading downstairs for a speakers event. 

As soon as I walked in I began running into friends who have supported us over the last 7 months.  

In several cases people called me a hero or told me that they look to me for inspiration with things that they’re dealing with in their lives. 

I am no hero. I had a few tragic injuries which I have continued to push through.  

I understand why people say this but I truly believe that anyone in my situation would have done exactly the same thing. At least I hope they would. 

In this entire journey I consider Laura a hero for how she has handled everything from that first night. For how she slept by my bedside in the hospital. For taking care of my every need or want. And for everything else she has had to deal with. 

While I was catching up with Chris Brogan he mentioned “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It made me remember that going to see that movie was the last date that Laura and I had gone on the day before my seizures. 

It’s funny how your brain associates something like a movie with a memory such as my seizures. 

I took today off from working out to give my ankles an additional day to rest since tomorrow is a rest day. 

Tomorrow will be the first day of the conference and I expect to see several more friends who have supported us throughout this journey. I am also scheduled to speak later in the afternoon which is always fun.