Day 225: An Active But Relaxing Sunday

A couple of margaritas last night helped to ensure that I slept for close to 9 hours last night which is at least an hour more than usual.

As soon as I woke up I headed over to the gym to stretch my shoulders and for today’s WOD


Main Set 

- 30 minute Zone 1 Run / Jog / Walk. 

Cool down 


Apparently I didn’t notice that the workout didn’t have the warm-up session as part of it. But, that could have also been an oversight on their part so I am glad that I did it anyway. 

Similar to I have over the past few days, I switched the cardio from a run to an elliptical session. 

While on the elliptical I was able to listen to another two episodes of the Serial podcast - it’s like binge-watching a podcast so I guess it’s binge-listening. 

When I got back home Laura had already woken up so we headed out to run our errands. Thankfully there weren’t as many as last weekend so we were able to finish them pretty quickly. 

Once we finished running our errands we went out for a 3.7 mile walk together which includes a steep and long hill up and back down Communications Hill. 

After our walk I spent time working on foot and ankle mobilizations to help with the deep pain that I continue to feel in my right ankle.  

I’m sure it is nothing more than soreness from all of the cardio I have been doing lately but it really started to cause me to pull up while we were walking. 

I revisited several of the MobilityWOD videos for new ideas on ankle mobilizations, some of which I plan on trying tomorrow while I’m at the gym. 

The two workouts helped to push me near 20,000 steps for today including taking Sasha for walks and running errands. It has been a while since I got that many steps since we haven’t been able to go for a walk in a couple of weeks. 

I took time to continue reading “Every Day I Fight” (aff. link) which was written by Stuart Scott just before he passed away.  

He continues to be someone that I look up to for how he fought through cancer, staying consistent with his exercise, health and career. 

Tonight for dinner Laura made a dish she hasn’t cooked in a while but is oh so delicious: healthy stuffed peppers. She used the recipe as the original base but then has continued to evolve it each time she cooks it. 

While she was cooking I spent time going through my weekly review and preparing for a busy 2.5 days in the office before heading to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World mid-day Wednesday.