Day 224: Completing 80 Minutes of Cardio

Saturdays are always a nice morning to sleep in even if sleeping in is only 7:15a by the time Sasha and Darren start acting crazy.

After taking Sasha outside and feeding both of them I decided to crawl back into bed for another 20 minutes or so before finally getting up for the day. 

Today’s Spartan WOD was: 

Warm Up 

Main Set 

180 minutes: 

  • 1 hour swim or bike for distance.
  • Then, 2 hour casual outdoor jog, run, or hike.

Cool down 


I have continued to extend how long I perform this workout weekly going from skipping it to putting in an hour last Saturday to a total of 80 minutes today.  

I split the time between the bike and elliptical with 40 minutes being spent on each. It was the first time I have ever spent 40 minutes on the bike.  

In the past the most time I have ever spent on the bike was 20-30 minutes so this stretched me which made me happy.  

Previously I never focused on cardio beyond getting in the requisite 2-3 times per week of 20 minutes of cardio between lifting sessions. 

The goal for this workout is to "improve endurance, aerobic base and recovery." The focus is to keep it low intensity.

Though well overdue, while working out today I finally started listening to the Serial podcast. It is awesome and I highly recommend it. Now I know why so many of my friends really enjoy it!  

I was able to listen to the first three episodes and am now hooked on it. 

Listening to podcasts or books while doing longer cardio workouts are always great because I listen to them at 1.5 speed so that I can get through more in shorter time. 

After finishing at the gym Laura and I headed out to grab bagels and coffee.  

Grabbing breakfast on Saturday mornings became something that we really enjoyed when we lived in Tiburon but this was the first time since moving that we got back to it. 

When we got back home Laura started getting ready and, while waiting for her, I worked on resetting my ideal week, morning and nightly routines. 

Now that we’re settled in San Jose and I have started chemo it was important for me to update everything so that I have something to reference on a weekly basis. 

We decided to go see “Insurgent” which is part of the Divergent series and just opened this weekend. 

We really enjoy going to movies. In fact, with the new movies coming out over the next few weeks we’ll be going to the movies every weekend. 

After the movie we went to a local Mexican restaurant to hang out for a bit before coming home to relax. 

I’m looking forward to a fairly simple workout tomorrow morning before running errands and getting ready for the upcoming week including traveling to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World