Day 223: Back to Working Out After a Rest Day

I decided not to set my alarm last night so that I could sleep until Laura’s alarm went off at 6:45a since I was already planning on working from home. That allowed me to get nearly 8 hours of sleep.

As this week comes to a close it will be interesting to see if the fatigue subsides.

It was nice to sleep through the night without waking up either to use the bathroom or scaring myself awake like happened a couple of nights ago. 

Two nights ago I fell asleep but quickly woke myself up by accident and had a fear that it was another seizure starting. Luckily it wasn’t and I was able to fall back asleep once I slowed my heart rate back down.

I had originally planned on having a light morning but it quickly became a morning of back-to-back mornings.

Some meetings can be a waste of time but these were all productive and helped to move forward several projects.

I ended up having lunch with a friend, who used to be our account manager at Google and who I haven’t seen since SXSW.

It was great to spend time catching up with him while, at the same time, trying a new (for me) restaurant near where we now live.

The afternoon was fairly quiet which allowed me to tackle a few more things before the weekend set in.

Before Laura came home I was able to get next door for today’s Spartan WOD:


Main Set

Sub-Endurance, 20 minutes: run.

x2 sets

20 minutes: run.

Cool Down


I switched the runs to interval training on the elliptical machine to allow my shins and ankles to continue healing. During each round of cardio I pushed myself harder to increase the average speed.

This continues to be one of the hardest workouts each week since there is so much cardio involved.

Before starting my workout I tried doing a strict pull-up again. I was able to complete two nearly full pull-ups while being able to keep stricter form than I had previously when trying them.

When I got back home I watched the live announcement of the CrossFit Open Workout 15.4  It was insane watching the athletes having to complete so many handstand push-ups.

Tonight was a relaxing movie night at home and I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead.