Day 222: A Rest Day from Stretching and Working Out

With another 7.5 hours of sleep last night I was able to hit a 10-day streak of getting 7 hours or more of sleep per night. The 10-day streak is thanks to the fatigue from this first round of chemo.

Today was already scheduled to be a very busy day at the office with meetings back-to-back for the entire day. I had 15 minutes free when I got to the office, another 30 minutes around lunch and then 30 minutes before I left for the day. 

By the end of the day my brain was completely fried and I had a terrible headache. It wasn’t a bad day by any means, just a day filled with constantly transitioning gears to different topics and dealing with dozens of things all at the same time. 

When I got home I was able to relax since today is a rest day from working out. Even if today hadn’t been a scheduled rest day I would have had to take the day off due to the soreness in my shins and ankles. 

Tonight was a date night for Laura and I so we went out to a restaurant for dinner so that we could spend time together. We try to go out on 1-2 dates per week, typically on Thursdays and Saturdays.  

Even though we spend the other nights together there is something about calling it a date that makes it more special compared to whatever else may be going on. 

I’m hoping that by tomorrow my shins and ankles feel better so that I can crush whatever the Spartan WOD is as well as working through shoulder mobilizations. 

We’re almost two weeks down with another two weeks to go before the next round of chemo starts.  

The week of March 30th I have to get blood tests done twice during the week before starting the next round the week of April 6th.