Day 221: A Crazy Day, Hard WOD and Shoulder Mobilization

Since I haven’t been able to wake up before 6:15a the last two days, last night I decided to just set my alarm for 6:15a this morning instead of trying to wake up at 5:00a.

I slept well overnight and when my alarm went off I didn’t feel any fatigue which was certainly a nice feeling. It was the first time in 1.5 weeks of waking up not feeling fatigued.

Today started out with only a few meetings but that quickly changed and before I knew it I was in meetings practically until I left. 

I was, however, able to get several things done even though they all seemed to be things that weren’t on my to-do list for today. That’s one benefit of being back in the office. 

I have non-stop meetings tomorrow so I will push off everything else to Friday so that I enter the weekend with my to-do list as paired down as possible.

Before leaving the office I spent time catching up with one of my closest friends, AJ Leon

As we were talking about me speaking at his incredible upcoming conference he expressed how excited he was to have me back again this year. 

spoke at the inaugural event 3 years ago but missed last year due to being on vacation for our 5 year wedding anniversary.

We talked about the beautiful by-product of this medical journey: the ability to inspire others to take action in their lives. 

It is not something that I ever planned on happening but it brings me joy every day when I hear that someone has been inspired to change their life because of what has happened to us.

When I got home I went over to our gym to perform today’s Spartan WOD:


Main set

  • Sub- Endurance, 10 mins: Jog.
  • Repeat sets*: 50’ Bear Crawl + 100’ Sprint + 10 Burpee Broad Jumps.

x2 sets

Cool Down


I switched the jog up to interval training on the elliptical because all of the treadmills were being used and also because of the deep soreness I have been feeling in my shins and ankles.

Fortunately, I didn’t feel that soreness while on the elliptical and I was able to still warm my body up for the repeat sets.

Though at first glance this looks easier than other workouts, the burpee broad jumps absolutely destroyed me. 

By the final few broad jumps I was lucky to leap off of one foot and get even a couple of feet in front of myself.

After coming back to the gym I spent time working on harder shoulder mobilizations than those that I usually perform while at the gym.

Though my left shoulder was more damaged than my right shoulder and I have two screws in it, it is the shoulder that I have regained the most mobility with.

The rest of the night has been relaxing before tomorrow’s craziness.